Spur Of The Moment Poetry

The Heavy – Short Change Hero

School is back in session and I certainly hope I don’t drop the ball with these weekly posts. I’m trying, folks. Here, enjoy a couple short, strange poems!

A Bond As Strong As Steal (intentional spelling):

A gathering of pork skins

and a murder of crows,

where heroes go to die young.

Sheep wool strangling a child,

a bond as strong as steel

the likes of which might steal your heart.

Or steal a steely look at your bride,

yours, the one you love,

the one you’d die for.

The one you got high and left

because she slept with your best friend

your most well dressed friend.

The friend you protected

in the car crash that took you,

the car crash that separated you and your wife.

A Hero’s Welcome:

a dog destined for destruction

well equipped and armed

dressed to the nines with nails and narcotics

ready to riddle the enemy

tagged to the wall and medicated

strong enough to be forgotten

but weak enough to never forget.