And I Drift Sometimes (Poem)

Moros Eros – Madness Seems So Normal

Photo Credit: @log_nog

Sometimes it takes 6 weeks in rehab just to realize you’re never going to get better. Sometimes it takes 6 empty anti-depressant bottles just to realize you’re never going to get over her. Sometimes it takes 6 tabs of acid just to realize you never have been, you never will be, you never were.

I am aware that the rain makes the morning smell a particular way

I am aware that it doesn’t matter which came first, the chicken or the egg

I am aware that all of these stick-and-pokes won’t last. That they will surely fade in the same way that we all do. That when our memories are almost certainly gone from those we are survived by, this earth will bid rebirth to those well deserving.

We were raised on bloody knees and bike tire skid marks

On broken jaws and high school fist fights

We walked blindly into the swarm

With open hearts and straight jacket arms

But now, like a cross turned upside down, I am a symbol for hate

I am a symbol for love

I am a symbol for average

For mediocrity

For #10 in a top 20 list of [insert name here]

I took exactly 12 steps into the abyss and turned around

The feeling of darkness staring back at me made me uneasy

But really, it was just me staring back at me

Because the darkness is really just void of all coloring

And I can’t even see colors anyway

If I could I’d probably have moved to the hood and played blood and crip with the neighbor from next door

But that’s just a dream’s blood on the floor

And I’m just another dreamer that couldn’t stay asleep.

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