I Am… (A Poem)

I am the outgroup. The snake oil peddler. The different, the derogatory, the non-conformist. The Impersonator. “Psycho Jack,” the schizoid, the anxious, the believably split personalities.

The one that can’t fit into your skin.

The dissociated, the chastised, the rubber ducky, bath time, bedtime, dinner time.

The dream sequence. Inception. Leonardo DiCaprio and da Vinci.

The Illuminati. The world leaders. The strange. The unknown, off his rocker, the gentleman.

The Alaskan Bull Worm, Bikini Bottoms. The starfish and the sponge.

Your neighbor, Bob. I am Robert; I am Richard; I am Dick if you see it that way.

The douchebag at the gym. The gym bag full of douches. The girl with the guns. The gun show.

The debate over gun control, the controlled repetition.

I am the rapper, the rock star, the rapist. The big red.

The FDA, the DEA, LSD, PCP, the USA, the UK, the A-K.

The bullets, the caskets, And Everything In Between.


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